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Join us as we WALK to support individuals with Down syndrome!

It's October and that means it is time to celebrate Down Syndrome!

Down Sydrome Alabama has be a great support to Nate and his family since he was very young by providing infromative workshops, valuable resources and fellowship with a group of families that have become our "Tribe"! 

Please help us give back to DSA by making a donation today!

You can donate on this fundraising page and you can register here to come out on 10/24 and walk with us!



You can STEP UP and support people living with Down syndrome!

In conjunction with Down syndrome awareness month, our walk and celebration is the biggest fundraiser of the year and one you don't want to miss!

Name Date Amount Comments
Katherine Coursey Gorham 11/08/2021 $25.00  
Suzanne Coursey 10/23/2021 $103.30  
Karen Ableman 10/22/2021 $103.30 For our hero, Nate Gorham!
Angie Davis Stritkus 10/19/2021 $25.00  
Eve Nash 10/19/2021 $20.00  
Missy Meadows Armstrong 10/19/2021 $25.00  
Lamar Davis 10/19/2021 $20.00  
Beth Ducklo 10/19/2021 $50.00  
Matt Gorham 10/19/2021 $50.00  
Katherine Coursey Gorham 10/19/2021 $60.00  
Jason and Merryl Cooper 10/19/2021 $65.00  
Mitchell Whaley 10/19/2021 $50.00  
Susan Waltman 10/19/2021 $50.00  
Katherine Coursey Gorham 10/18/2021 $15.80  
Anonymous Donor 10/07/2021 $347.00 Bingo Card
Kellie Meloun 10/06/2021 $25.00  
Katherine Coursey Gorham 10/04/2021 $103.30 Love you so much Natey Boy!
Katherine Coursey Gorham 08/29/2021 $31.60  
  Total $1,169.30  
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